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at the age of 19 years, half of the parents and the child 's mother Egyptian Egyptian English anyway my father worked in a large Finace company and I wanted to work there, what I mean by 2 weeks holdidays college and my father had a word with your boss was James has a very good friend of my father and he always was all new cars and was always very nice. He was affected with no children and works agreed for me 2 for 2 weeks, I knew what to do, I have my professional experience starts before 2 years on Tuesday morning and James was very talkative and told me he sees something too much longer stay on Thursday I like abit of extra work had to do, so I agreed. my father had, according to London Forum a few days to go to Santiago always droped out and my mother was always ith my father left me by myself I came anyway and stayed until Thursday 9 Clock 30 and James was in his office very large and elegant leather sofas, small bar etc, as I always had my jacket and I walked past his office I noticed that the door was opened by James in his big leather sofa to the bottom with his hands in his pants down and I was a little surprised, but I was at that time I started having erection abig, I went and told me he got up and i told him to leave she said movietitan yes, responded with a grin ok 1 sec we have of the buildings and Secuirty guard was blocking, went to his movietitan Range Rover large tinted windows sat down and started talking and the next moment you know hes touched my leg I was surprised, but I loved the feeling of his big hands on me. He says as I nod yes and I know that under what I said, and I want two back to my place, what it says and says what a good idea. Also get to my seat, and begins to pinch allover the living room, tells me to do two strips that do the same thing seen with a big cock huge thickness greater IVE. He starts to suck hard for me, I have never felt so good to me, still standing, and he and begins to Snog me on my lips and made me take in my parents room I fucked hARD, when he says hes cum movietitan is coming, I say that in the mouth rpelies dontknow Isay it was thick and creamy, pulled his cock, which was on the movietitan suction then you do the ball to me was asleep in bed all night movietitan the next morning did not go to work, but it took me all day, we agreed to meet more often ( I guess my idea to him and his big cock )
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